Reasons to use Glyma

There are many reasons to use Glyma in your organisation, here are three.

As knowledge workers, our task is to gather and learn information, sift through it all, and connect the dots between the relevant information. We create our knowledge by weaving together all this information.

This takes place through reading articles, explaining on napkins, diagramming on whiteboards etc. But no one observes us reading, people throw away napkins, whiteboards are wiped clean for re-use.

Our journey is too "disposable," people only care about the "output" - that is until someone needs to understand our "quilt of information." Glyma is a tool that provides end users with an environment to catalogue this journey.

What does Glyma look like?

Browse the following Glyma maps to see Glyma's unique and powerful method of displaying knowledge.

See how Glyma helps make a complex policy regime easier to understand

This map shows how you can add other rich sources of content to your maps

This example shows Glyma being used to capture and display reflections and insights from a soon-to-be retiring employee

Getting Glyma

Glyma can be deployed for free to your SharePoint 2010 or 2013 deploymnet. Get Glyma from Github or Contact Us if you would like to engage us.

Getting started with Glyma

Here are some videos to get you going with Glyma. You will find many more on our 'getting started' page.

Read 04:34

How to read Glyma maps

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Browse 04:32

How to browse & navigate

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Search 01:35

How to search in Glyma

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Menus 04:44

How to use Glyma menus

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